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Creating peace

For a viable future to be possible we must, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said many years ago, learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools. The reason why is clear: the destructive power of … Continue reading

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Using wars to find peace.

World War One began a hundred years ago.┬áBilled as “The war to end all wars,” it was but the beginning of more than one hundred years of continuous war fought somewhere, wars that have cost trillions of dollars and killed … Continue reading

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One of the things I learned about my alcohol addiction is that I was and am chemically dependent. In other words, alcohol isn’t the only chemical that messes me up. Painkillers also do that. How do I know? I learned … Continue reading

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Is it wrong to call drug users “addicts”?

Meghan Ralston, the harm reduction coordinator for the ┬áDrug Policy Alliance seems to think so. “Addict,” she writes in her AlterNet blog on March 25, “is one of those words that so many of us use, largely without pausing to … Continue reading

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