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President-elect Trump and Israel

If President-elect Donald Trump wanted to put himself, his family and the rest of the United States in IS’s terrorist sights, he could hardly have found a better way than sending Jewish attorney David Friedman to Israel as his Ambassador. … Continue reading

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Comments on an Israeli propaganda video

Israel has one response to critics like historian Ilan Pappe, author of “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” attack the book and its author as frauds, the object being to kill the book and destroy its author. That is the only purpose … Continue reading

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The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, a book review and commentary

From the time of modern Israel’s birth in 1948, the message from Israel to the world was a simple one: For the first time in over a thousand years, Jews have a home where they can live free of the … Continue reading

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Jerk is a word that shows contempt. We don’t talk with jerks, we ridicule them, push them away, and call them names. So when I read an article online about an elector on his state’s electoral college who had resigned … Continue reading

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Does Israel have a future?

Israel is a settler nation, a nation created from cleansing the natives from the territory they sought to occupy. Israel became a nation in 1948, a homeland for Jews in the ancient land of Israel, a land where they could … Continue reading

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When is a child not a child? To Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s when the child is Palestinian

Jerusalem (AFP) – Under a photo of a glowering Benjamin Netanyahu, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday vowed harsh retribution against Hamas, the Islamist rulers of Gaza, after a mortar round fired from the Palestinian territory killed an Israeli … Continue reading

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Rise of the ultra-right in the Jewish State of Israel

From the top, Knesset member Moshe Feiglin, Israeli students, Gaza, Knesset member Ayalet Shaked. Photos, in the same order: Wikipedia, Press TV. The Independent (UK). The Independent (UK). * * * Reading the news that pours in from Gaza and … Continue reading

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Gaza is already unliveable and Israel is making it worse, by Rana Alshami

This article, by young Gaza resident Rana Alshami, is published in Richard Forer’s blog, at http://www.richardforer.com/2014/06/gaza-is-already-unlivable-and-israel-is-making-it-even-worse/   Please read and pass it on to others. The situation in Gaza is ghastly, sadistic, and urgently in need of intervention by the international community. … Continue reading

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Israel, Palestine and Denial: A response to “When will Netanyahu nail himself to the cross?”

In a recent edition of The Japan Times (16 April, 2014), columnist Jeffrey Goldberg published an article about the peace process between Palestine and the Jewish State of Israel. In It he mentions Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Obama, Secretary … Continue reading

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Is it wrong to call drug users “addicts”?

Meghan Ralston, the harm reduction coordinator for the  Drug Policy Alliance seems to think so. “Addict,” she writes in her AlterNet blog on March 25, “is one of those words that so many of us use, largely without pausing to … Continue reading

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