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Jerk is a word that shows contempt. We don’t talk with jerks, we ridicule them, push them away, and call them names. So when I read an article online about an elector on his state’s electoral college who had resigned … Continue reading

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Using wars to find peace.

World War One began a hundred years ago. Billed as “The war to end all wars,” it was but the beginning of more than one hundred years of continuous war fought somewhere, wars that have cost trillions of dollars and killed … Continue reading

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Doing what works

Want a better life because things aren’t going so well? Here are some pointers on how to build one, gleaned from my years of living and studying the subject.  Treat yourself and other people with respect. You’ll be amazed at … Continue reading

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Israel and the Palestinian people — An Open Letter to Rev. Chris Leighton

“The Israel Palestine Mission Network and their allies,” writes the Reverend Chris Leighton, Executive Director of the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, “have once again mounted initiatives that advance an extremist posture with respect to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse. Their … Continue reading

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