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For a Liveable Future To Be Possible: First in a series

“We, with our knowledge of conflict and human history; of the consequences of trauma in our lives, watch children cry, and wonder how, out of sight of some new skyscraper, now the tallest building on the planet, we manage with … Continue reading

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An Old Man and a Young Man in Gaza – A Poem by Heathcote Williams

Rest in Peace Mohammed Abu Khadr This magnificent poem by English poet, actor and awards-winning playwright Heathcote Williams is a stunning revelation of the evil that lies at the heart of modern Israel and the Zionism from which its founders sprang. … Continue reading

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Are The Israelis Serious? That depends, and The Time May Be Now

  “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.” —Aldous Huxley, novelist (1894-1963) In a speech to the UN General Assembly on November 29, 2012, Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron … Continue reading

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