President-elect Trump and Israel


If President-elect Donald Trump wanted to put himself, his family and the rest of the United States in IS’s terrorist sights, he could hardly have found a better way than sending Jewish attorney David Friedman to Israel as his Ambassador. David Friedman is a staunch supporter of building unlimited Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a pet project of Israel’s Naftali Bennett, who has said “with Trump, the era of the Palestinian State is over” (Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy, November 14, 2016). Bennett is building new settlements as rapidly as possible, so that Palestinians will have very little land to live on in the West Bank.

Following are comments from Jason D. Greenblatt and David Friedman, Co-Chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to President-Elect Trump:

“Israel is the state of the Jewish people, who have lived in that land for 3,500 years. The State of Israel was founded with courage and determination by great men and women against enormous odds and is an inspiration to people everywhere who value freedom and human dignity.” A perfect Zionist point of view that, however, is not true. The State of Israel was founded by invading Zionist militias bent on ethnically cleansing Palestine no matter how murderous it was.

“Israel is a staunch ally of the U.S. and a key partner in the global war against Islamic jihadism. Military cooperation and coordination between Israel and the U.S. must continue to grow.”

“The U.S. should veto any United Nations votes that unfairly single out Israel and will work in international institutions and forums, including in our relations with the European Union, to oppose efforts to delegitimize Israel, impose discriminatory double standards against Israel, or to impose special labeling requirements on Israeli products or boycotts on Israeli goods.”

“The U.S. should cut off funds for the UN Human Rights Council, a body dominated by countries presently run by dictatorships that seems solely devoted to slandering the Jewish State. UNESCO’s attempt to disconnect the State of Israel from Jerusalem is a one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city, and is further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias of the United Nations.”

“The U.S. should view the effort to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) Israel as inherently anti-Semitic and take strong measures, both diplomatic and legislative, to thwart actions that are intended to limit commercial relations with Israel, or persons or entities doing business in Israeli areas, in a discriminatory manner. The BDS movement is just another attempt by the Palestinians to avoid having to commit to a peaceful co-existence with Israel. The false notion that Israel is an occupier should be rejected.” Another Zionist “poor persecuted us” remark as Israel, of course, does nothing all to deserve this.

“The Trump administration will ask the Justice Department to investigate coordinated attempts on college campuses to intimidate students who support Israel.” (Presenting the view that Palestinians also have rights is viewed as “intimidating students.”)

A two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians appears impossible as long as the Palestinians are unwilling to renounce violence against Israel or recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.” (A Zionist “poor me” remark, denying that Israel does not and never has, attacked or discriminated against Palestinians.) “Additionally, the Palestinians are divided between PA rule in the West Bank and Hamas rule in Gaza so there is not a united Palestinian people who could control a second state.” “We will seek to assist the Israelis and the Palestinians in reaching a comprehensive and lasting peace, to be freely and fairly negotiated between those living in the region.” Once gain, Israel has never done any wrong.

“Israel’s maintenance of defensible borders that preserve peace and promote stability in the region is a necessity. Pressure should not be put on Israel to withdraw to borders that make attacks and conflict more likely.”

“The U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state and Mr. Trump’s Administration will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.”

There is a lot of work to be done to make certain that the Palestinian side is heard and supported, and the Israeli side is propaganda that tries to hide the truth.

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6 Responses to President-elect Trump and Israel

  1. As always you say what needs to be said on this issue. I can hardly believe what is happening in this area and feel full of sadness and despair over the whole issue. Despite that, I hope you enjoy a lovely 2017

  2. I’m just wondering how you are as I have seen you around WordPress in a while and you are always one of my most favourite and thoughtful bloggers

    • Paul says:

      Peter, George was diagnosed with dementia last winter. In the spring and summer he had some additional health problems that have left him very weak. When he attempted to get back on the computer in August he found that he had lost comprehension of the computer functions. Looking at the screen confuses him. However, he does communicate with me via good old paper and pen. I will tell him you were asking about him.

      • Yes do tell him he is very much in my thoughts. You meet a range of people through blogging and social media and we used to comment regularly on each other’s blogs. I have the greatest respect for him as an intellect and a man and I am so sorry to hear he is affected by this cruel illness. Keep me updated if you can. My email address is Thank you

  3. Paul says:

    Good news! I just heard from George via a Skype call to his landline. He is feeling better and is again attempting to get back on the computer. However, so far has not been successful except for sending me a message on Skype. I relayed all of your best wishes to him. Hopefully he will be able to conquer the computer difficulties and get back online.

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