Comments on an Israeli propaganda video


Israel has one response to critics like historian Ilan Pappe, author of “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” attack the book and its author as frauds, the object being to kill the book and destroy its author. That is the only purpose Israeli propaganda (hasbara) has. Unless you’ve read his book, as I have done twice, the video looks convincing. If you don’t know otherwise, all the violence in Israel’s early history was directed at Jews by the Palestinians. The Jews were, and are, innocent victims. “Arab behaviour enormously impacted the welfare of the Palestinians in 1948, just as it does today” (emphasis added). But what of the Zionists, and their part in this?

Zionists? No mention of them is made in the video, though Zionism’s purpose from the beginning was, and is the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. All one needs to do is look at East Jerusalem and the West Bank. According to an article in “Informed Content”, A new video released by Israel’s Negotiations Affairs Department, titled “East Jerusalem: Israel’s Colonial Project Unraveled,” declares that Israel’s policy in the city, since the 1967 occupation, is three fold: creating a Jewish majority, reducing Palestinian presence and isolating East Jerusalem and dividing it from its West Bank parts. . . According to the video, Israel has turned 35 percent of the area in East Jerusalem into land for settlement construction, leaving only 13 percent of the area for Palestinian construction, amounting to a severe housing crisis and forcing many Palestinians to build without a permit.

“A total of 3,500 homes were reportedly demolished under the pretext of being built without permit, and around 25,000 more are slated for demolition under the same pretext, leaving 100,000 Palestinians at risk of displacement.”
Clearly the fault is Israel, not the Palestinian people living there.

The problem with propaganda is that little-to-no attention is paid to truth, and this little video is a glaring example. The object of Israeli propaganda is to destroy the reputations of anyone and any organization that accuses Israel of wrongdoing against the Palestinians, even when such wrongdoing, as Juan Cole’s article shows, is happening. According to the video, Palestinians terrorized innocent Jews. “Arab behaviour enormously impacted the welfare of the Palestinians in 1948, just as it does today.” There is no mention of Zionists or Zionism, or the role they played in ethnically cleansing Palestine, Zionism’s brutal attacks on Palestinian villages, its blatant racism, and its involvement in building illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank that Palestinians will have no room on which to live.

Being propaganda, the video says that historian Ilan Pappe “blames the Jews for everything”, a claim so absurd that it’s comical.

If you want to look at the video, look under “comments” to my book review

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