Rise of the ultra-right in the Jewish State of Israel

What is happening in Israel and the Occupied Territories today is the natural outcome of Israel’s ongoing persecution of the Palestinian people. Ultimately the persecuted will rise up in anger and throw themselves at the enemy, knowing full well that many of them will be killed. For Israel and its leaders, they are fast approaching the end of the Zionist dream, a dream that really has no other future. Israel will either change, or Israel will die.

Musings by George Polley


From the top, Knesset member Moshe Feiglin, Israeli students, Gaza, Knesset member Ayalet Shaked. Photos, in the same order: Wikipedia, Press TV. The Independent (UK). The Independent (UK).

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Reading the news that pours in from Gaza and Israel, I am struck by one glaring fact: more and more, Israel has come to resemble Germany during Hitler’s mad days. In its attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, Israel is clearly engaging in a plan of ethnic cleansing. Within Israel itself, attacks against Palestinian citizens have increased, as have attacks on peace advocates, with violent gangs of Right-wing haters attacking as the police stand by and do nothing. I remember these same ugly images and the same ugly words from the Civil Rights days of the 1950s and 60s. Though this is nothing new in Israel, its open, focused hatred is now spouted by people in positions of…

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