14 year old girl dies after sexual molestation attempt

I detest abuse, have written about it in “Musings”, and will continue to write about it. Rape, and especially the justification of rape by blaming it on women, is especially contemptible. It is also subhuman.

Well, This Is What I Think


An artists works on a banner calling for the death sentence for rapists in Delhi, 16 January 2012 The December 2012 Delhi gang rape which resulted in the victim’s death shocked India

A 14-year-old Indian girl has died and her mother was seriously injured when they were allegedly thrown off a bus by the staff who tried to molest them.

Three men, including the bus conductor and his assistant, have been arrested.

The girl was travelling in Punjab’s Moga district along with her mother and younger brother. The bus had a few passengers at the time of the assault.

The crime is horrifyingly reminiscent of the widely December 2012 gang rape where a 23 year old student was assaulted on a bus in Delhi and subsequently died from injuries sustained during the attack. The crime shocked India and the world and raised an ongoing public debate over the treatment of women in the country.

In the latest incident, the girl’s family had boarded the bus from their village to…

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3 Responses to 14 year old girl dies after sexual molestation attempt

  1. I absolutely take my hat off to you for writing about this. It is so horrific that I am ashamed to say I find it hard to even contemplate.

    • gwpj says:

      It is hard to contemplate Peter. With a daughter, six granddaughters and a great-granddaughter, I know what my feelings would be should anything like that happen to any one of them — utter, blind rage is one of the reactions I would feel, then a bit of guilt for feeling no compassion for the perpetrators, who have shown themselves to be such despicable people. But rage — no problem at all feeling that and wanting to get my hands on the perpetrator.

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