Expanding the Telling: A New Passover Seder Supplement

This sad, sad history continues this very hour throughout Palestine, including that part of Palestine called “Israel.” Building a nation from such sadness and wrongdoing, in the end, destroys the builders and what they have built . . . unless they change their hearts and minds and become one with all.

Shalom Rav


I’ve just written a new Pesach seder supplement that encourages us to take our cue from the Haggadah and “expand upon the telling” of the Exodus story. You can download a pdf here:

Passover Supplement 2015

Or you can click below to read it in its entirety.

While I’m at it, here is the link to my 2010 supplement, “Four More Questions for Pesach” and here is my 2013 supplement, “A Meditation on the Four Children.”

And finally, click here to download the #BlackLivesMatter Haggadah Supplement, an incredibly powerful new seder resource just published by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

Sending blessings for a warm and liberating Pesach…

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Originally from Seattle, I now live in Sapporo, Japan, where I write, explore this city, read widely, and ask questions about things that i see as important. I'm also an author, with three novels published ("The Old Man and The Monkey", "Grandfather and The Raven", and "Bear: a story about a boy and his unusual dog"). For more information about my writing, drop by my website, at www.geogepolleyauthor.com.
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11 Responses to Expanding the Telling: A New Passover Seder Supplement

  1. Jerry grant says:

    Sorry to darken your blog with my return…but I just had to answer quaker rosens comments on Passover…it seems that the enemy’s of Israel …now have the chutzpah to re arrange the 3000 yr old Passover Seder to suit their propaganda…can’t you guys understand that the land of Israel Judea and summaria was and is the Jewish homeland …the Arabs talked about here…qthere ,moved there in the last only 150 yrs at the earliest…the Kurds and other tribes ..some Arab tribes did conquer the knights and took over the land ..the turkish ottomans controlled into the 20 th century..they were no different then the philistines Romans..Greeks. Persians who ruled this land after the fall of Israel to the Romans …BUT…the Jews took it back..not as the Americans,Canadians,Australians who took it away from the native folks…this land was always ours…

    • gwpj says:

      And, in “taking it back,” how have you treated the Palestinian Arabs whom you found living there? Have Israel and yourself treated them as equals, Mr. Grant, or as “interlopers” who have no rightful place in Palestine/Israel in spite of the fact that many of their ancestors have lived there for a thousand years and more. Even had they lived there for a few hundred years, have you treated them as you treat your own people, Mr. Grant? Do you advocate treating then as you treat your own people, or do you approve of, and perhaps even applaud, their removal from what has been their land for a very long time. An because they are not of your people, they have ended up being treated as the goys have treated the indigenous people of the American continents, Australia and New Zealand. Whether the Arabs have lived in Palestine for a thousand years or the 150 years that you suggest (but have no verifiable proof regarding) aught have no bearing whatsoever on how they are treated. When Rabbi Rosen talks about broadening the definition of who “we” are (“One way of understanding this teaching is that the more we broaden our understanding of who “we” are in this story, the more sacred will be our telling”), you narrow the definition so it excludes everyone on the earth who is not Jewish. The rest of “us”, then, as an elderly Israeli rabbi said a few years ago, are created to serve the Jews, a position that is so nakedly racist that it is shocking.

      If this is the way you wish to live, Mr. Grant, be my guest. But do not expect me to accept your comments without showing them up for what they are — the comments of an angry, resentful man unwilling to share “his homeland” with anyone who is an “outsider,” and who approves of the appallingly cruel way Palestinians have been treated from the moment the first Zionists set foot in Palestine. Good luck, as you’ll need a lot of it.

  2. Jerry grant says:

    Suffices to say…your response denies many historical truths…the Arabs have fought the Jews in what is now Israel ..tooth and nail..wars starting in the 1920s..until this very day…and from most all quarters..both with rockets and guns..and with a non stop campaign of hate,BDS and vicious propaganda..the other bit of history ..after the 67 war …a,peace was offered by the liberal labor party …Jordan who had ruled Judea and Samaria firmly refused…thinking they can win the next war……in the last five teen years Arafat and Abbas turned down really fair peace deals ..the early ones turned into deadly intafadas killing many on both sides….finally the truth of over 850 thousand Jews kicked out of lands they lived in for as many as 2000 yrs…with only their clothes and lives…that’s eight hundred fifty thousand….talk. About numbers…there are 400million Arabs not to mention 160 million Turks Iranians ..against 6million Israelis…and yet your side thinks that they are the underdogs ..now that’s funny..to bring up that idiot rabbi who says goim are to serve Jews..is really low..I can bring up many more preachers both Christian and Muslim…who have said much worse then that…Martin Luther for one….now when you describe me as angry and resentful..you are right…I am angry and resentful against the hordes carrying torches and pitchforks ,not to mention irans nukes looking to destroy the Jewish homeland…

    • gwpj says:

      Mr. Grant, you are a master at shape-shifting. The core of my reply to you is this: How have you (and Israel) treated the Palestinian Arabs whom you found living in Palestine? Have Israel and yourself treated them as equals, or as “interlopers” who have no rightful place in Palestine/Israel in spite of the fact that many of their ancestors have lived there for a thousand years and more. Even had they lived there for a few hundred years, have you treated them as you treat your own people, Mr. Grant? The truth is that Israel has not, does not, and, under its present leadership, has no intention of doing. That is the issue. What is your vote? Treat the Palestinian citizens of Israel as equal partners/citizens, or not? Treat the Palestinian people living in the West Bank (including east Jerusalem) and Gaza the way you treat yourselves, or not? Yes or no. End of discussion.

  3. Jerry grant says:

    Sorry to have disturbed your day….

    • gwpj says:

      You haven’t. You also haven’t answered my question. The response to my question is yes or no,, Mr. Grant. You Try dancing around it, and your answer is a loud and clear “No!” 🙂

  4. Jerry grant says:

    Ok George …I will answer your question…hopefully you will answer mine…first me…NO..we have not….now yours…why do you,Rosen and the other Israel critics ..virtually ignore the horrific crimes of Muslim extremists around the world including the 149 Christian children slain in Kenya a couple days ago?

    • gwpj says:

      Thank you for answering my question. My answer to your question is simple: I oppose the horrific crimes of Muslim extremists and all other extremists, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhists and secular. These groups are usually violent, abusive exclusivists who will kill and persecute anyone whom they see as different from themselves, including co-religionists who belong to the “wrong” sect. As i have said in previous posts, we either learn to live as brothers with each others, or we will destroy ourselves and life as we know it. As a species, humans are very capable, with the horrific magnitude and fallout of our weapons systems, of becoming extinct.

      Now to get to Rabbi Rosen and “other Israel critics:” If you know Rabbi Rosen at all, you know that he and I share a similar world view when it comes to justice and learning to treat one another with respect. The same is true for other critics of Israel whom I know either personally or through their writings. What I do not like, and refuse to accept, is abusive behavior, behavior that belittles, makes fun of, and attacks anyone that disagrees with them, looks different, or belongs to the “wrong” religion, sex, or other tribe.

  5. Jerry grant says:

    Ok….now show me even one blog from the cadre of Israel bashers decreeing the monstrous acts of Muslim extremists ….just one…your lip service critiquing Muslim terror especially equating their world wide jihads against everybody…with other religions terrorist ..which are minute pct. of the Muslim ones …says everything about you that needs saying

    • gwpj says:

      Mr. Grant, you have made up your mind that I am an Israel-basher (and perhaps a Jew-basher as well?) who says nothing at all about what ISIL and other abusive death cults. It is interesting how you pretend to listen, then return and continue making salacious remarks about my character, because you do not intend to see me in any other light. You are welcome to your point of view; you are NOT welcome, however, to continue expressing it here.

  6. Jerry grant says:

    We are what we are…..as it is your blog ..and as Rosen you only wish to hear from the choir..I can only respect your wishes …..I will do my best to stay away…I do thank you for the. Opportunity to have a discourse of importance with a willing interlocker …I consider you as a friend although a bit grating …..shalom

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