Tragedy in Gaza: Reckoning with Root Causes

The root causes, as Rabbi Rosen says, are foundational in resolving these murderous conflicts that occur on a daily basis throughout Israel/Palestine. I consider this article basic to understanding the situation, and presenting a viable way to resolve it.

Shalom Rav

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It’s happening again.

As of this writing, Israel has dropped 800 tons of explosives on Gaza, a strip of land roughly the size of Detroit. The official death toll currently stands at 81, the majority of whom are civilians and half of whom are women and children.

Yes, it’s happening again, and like the similar military onslaughts in 2008/9 and 2012, we’re hearing the same tired talking points from Israeli politicians, the US State Department spokespeople and the American Jewish communal establishment – all variations on the theme of “Well, they started it.” And like before, the suggestion that we examine the larger context of this carnage is tragically lost amidst the noise of the literal and figurative bomb-throwing.

But of course, anyone who is truly interested in seeking a real and lasting solution would do well to look at root causes…

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3 Responses to Tragedy in Gaza: Reckoning with Root Causes

  1. Jack bender says:

    Well….what a mess..I need to ask a simple question….why does the Hamas continue to send harmless rockets mostly shot down by Israel’s defense,when they surely know they will suffer serious damage and as of now like 100 dead and more on the way it to get world opinion on their side?..or what?…out of frustration?…if so that’s so so stupid..maybe to cement their leadership?..,likely all of above..there I go again answering my own questions…can you think of why?….I am lost

    • gwpj says:

      I’m not sure either, Jack, though it’s probably a combination of everything you’ve listed in your comment. It did provoke the kind of massive response from Israel that has created a loud chorus of condemnation from people around the world about the reality Gaza and the rest of Israel’s Arabs and those living in the Occupied Territories have had to live with (and under) since 1948.

  2. Jack bender says:

    Israel alerts the neighbor hood when a building is be hit..then the pilot sends a dud bomb ..before the live one…Hamas is using people to protect their assets..they are in and around,on the roofs..not in bomb shelters..but you can bet the Hamas bosses are holed’s a total disgrace..I feel terrible for those innocent folks…what to do?

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