Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism

This is a short article by blogger and author Richard Forer that addresses the issue of what is, and isn’t anti-semitism. It’s one of the best things I’ve yet read on the subject. Mr. Forer is the author of the book Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Click on the link to read his article:


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1 Response to Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism

  1. Jack bender says:

    Interesting..and thoughtful..there is a distinction between being anti Zionist and a anti Semite or better said a Jew hater…but it is in reality it is so minute that it is invisible…now why is that you ask..Zionism is a movement to bring Jews back to their homeland after 2000 yrs of mistreatment by the world…by definition being against that is being anti Semitic,…BUT…after 65 yrs of Israel..and the problems they have had with the Palestinians..whose blame it is,put aside..I do believe that on can be for the Palestinians cause,and not be an anti Semite in the general sense of the term…there are Israelis and Jews who feel that way?..BUT…if someone is so against Israel and her actions to the point of denying her right to the land and to exsist as a Jewish nation..also repeating the lies slander and blood libels of Israel’s very much anti Semitic enemy’s…and wishing for her destruction…that person is a Jew hater..plain and of course this anti. Semite may not wish to harm any individual Jew with a bat or gun..and may like individual Jews…he never the less is an anti Semite…

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