From the Presbyterian GA: Jews and Christians in Support of Divestment

I’m reposting this as an integral part of my approach to bringing an end to the persecution by the Jewish State of Israel of the Palestinian people within Israel itself and in the Occupied Territories of Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Shalom Rav

brantandlynn With Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb at the JVP booth, PC (USA) General Assembly, Detroit, June 15. 2014.

I’ve just returned from two days in Detroit at the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly, where I joined together with Christian and Jewish friends and colleagues to help support overtures being brought to the plenum that support the cause of justice in our country and around the world – particularly in Israel/Palestine.

During my very full sojourn in downtown Detroit, I had the opportunity to testify in a committee meeting that was deliberating on an overture that presented new parameters for Interfaith Relations. I also attended the extensive committee discussions on the overture that is garnering a great deal of attention from around the world: divestment of the PC (USA)’s funds from three companies that profit from Israel’s occupation: Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard. (See my previous post for more on this subject).



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3 Responses to From the Presbyterian GA: Jews and Christians in Support of Divestment

  1. Jack bender says:

    7 votes..310to 303…..I would bet if one took a vote in every church of theirs ..this proposal would lose by a lot more then 7 votes…

  2. Jack bender says:

    Of course you do..had it occurred to you that this was but a few activists and still they only won by 7 votes…but at the end of it …it makes no difference ..the Jews have nobody they can trust..history has proven this…we are on our own…and this time nobody not the Muslims,nor the Christians,or going to move us from the land we have come back hell with all of you..boycott away..cry any tune.. We are not the boers of South Africa..we will percivere ….bye the you ever have any thoughts of of your own,or just parrot whatever anti Semite or self hating Jew strikes your fancy?

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