Gaza is already unliveable and Israel is making it worse, by Rana Alshami

This article, by young Gaza resident Rana Alshami, is published in Richard Forer’s blog, at   Please read and pass it on to others. The situation in Gaza is ghastly, sadistic, and urgently in need of intervention by the international community.

Richard Forer, a former AIPAC supporter, writes a blog about Israel and Palestine. He is also the author of the groundbreaking book Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, available in Kindle and paperback.

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Originally from Seattle, I now live in Sapporo, Japan, where I write, explore this city, read widely, and ask questions about things that i see as important. I'm also an author, with three novels published ("The Old Man and The Monkey", "Grandfather and The Raven", and "Bear: a story about a boy and his unusual dog"). For more information about my writing, drop by my website, at
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2 Responses to Gaza is already unliveable and Israel is making it worse, by Rana Alshami

  1. Jack bender says:

    Mr Polley you really think that this BDS effort is going to move all are deluded…if Israel did what you and the others it would be SUICDE..and I can assure you that will never ever happen…think for a moment..America’s industrial military machine is totally on Israel’s side..also the congress..if you were president you would not be able to force the Obama found out…isreal has never been stronger,economy or military..Asia and Africa are lining up to do business with the Jewish state…the Arabs are in a firestorm of civil war..the kidnapping of the boys has weakened the leftist peaceniks in Israel to a new low…your pals..Sweden..Norway..holland..Ireland.. And the few others are nothing but words nobody hears…look buddy…look around for a cause that might be more rewarding..because this one is lost..lost..lost..lost..

    • gwpj says:

      Mister, you are going to have a HUGE surprise one of these bright days when AIPAC is revealed for what it is, which is a 5th column organization that is cutting away at the foundations of my country, and I do not like it one little bit. Were Israel an honorable nation, which it is not, that might be different. Its callous and sadistic treatment of the Palestinian people throughout its history reveal it for what it is. I am “delusional”? Perhaps you should look in the mirror, Mr. Bender. You who believes that the West Bank belongs to Israel because they “won” it in a war with Jordan, yet ignore the fact that according to international law, it is ILLEGAL for an occupying nation to build settlements in occupied territory. Not that that makes a penny’s worth of different to Mr. Netanyahu. If Israel does not change, it is likely to destroy itself.

      If you don’t like what I say, Mr. Bender, then don’t come back. Oh . . . I think you forgot to read my post titled “Does Israel Have a Future?” It’ll give you a little light reading and a cause for laughter.

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