Presbyterian Divestment Redux: All Eyes on Detroit!

I see this as a very positive move, hopefully one that will begin to tip unquestioning support for Israel to insisting that Israel cease and desist its attempt to ethnically cleans Palestine (including Israel) of Palestinian people.

Shalom Rav

GAWhile the public criticism and upheaval over BDS continues apace, this movement is slowly and inexorably tallying victory after victory. Last week, the Gates Foundation announced that it was fully divesting from G4S – a British/Danish security firm that has been severely criticized for its operations in the occupied Palestinian territories and in prisons and detention centers in Israel, including those housing children and “administrative detainees” held without charge or trial.

Now just this week, we’ve learned that the United Methodist Church – the largest mainline Protestant church in the United States – will be pulling all its investments from G4S as well. This news is huge – and a dramatic precursor to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), which will be convening in Detroit next week. I can’t help but think the BDS tide is turning significantly, particularly in the arena of church divestment campaigns.

I’ve long…

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6 Responses to Presbyterian Divestment Redux: All Eyes on Detroit!

  1. Jack bender says:

    George,my friend…do you really think this futile waste of time can accomplish anything?…the company’s Rosen is talking about couldn’t care less , other people will buy whatever stock the boycotters have to sell…better yet lets see them not use the many medical advances coming out of Israel ..and of course the whole of the Muslim Middle East is in flames..and you Israel bashers couldn’t care less

    • gwpj says:

      Really? Are you sure I couldn’t care less, Jack Bender? You assume a good deal. Criticize Israel, one daren’t do that, eh, or else be called “bashers” of Israel which, to hear you, is beyond (or is it above) criticism, a “pure land”. By the way, divesting stock was no waste of time when it was South Africa that was being “bashed”. Seems it worked quite well, if I recall, in bringing about an end to Apartheid and helping good folks like Desmond Tutu gain the freedom that had been denied to them. Ah, well, you are entitled to your opinion, after all.

  2. Jack bender says:

    Really?….show me .pleasei..where any of the Israel basher sites decry the disasters that have befallon the Arabs…post one…you to my knowledge have not…although I coulda have missed it…Israel is not pure by any means..but it is no worse then most..and a ton better then then the Muslim and most other dictator led nations…there is no comparison…none..between South Africa and Israel..except in your delusions…

    • gwpj says:

      If Israel treats Palestinians like they treat Jewish citizens and settlers, please show me the irrefutable evidence of it. If true, where do all the very clear, irrefutable stories showing in the news and reported by people like Miko Peled, Rabbi Brant Rosen, journalists Ramzy Baroud and Jonathan Cook (to name but two), Hatim Kanaaneh (Galilee born, US educated physician) and others come from? Are they all lies? If you say that they are, please provide irrefutable evidence that they are.

      As for Arab dictatorships, no one denies the way they treat immigrants, including those from Palestine. Their behavior toward immigrants is irrefutable, unacceptable and contemptible. But this conversation, the one right here on “Musings” is about Israel and its behavior toward its non-Jewish citizens and the non-Jewish residents in the Occupied Territories and Gaza. Relevant to THIS subject, I hear nothing but denial and attempts at changing the subject from you.

  3. Jack bender says:

    Ok…lets just discuss the treatment of the Arabs in Israel and the territory’s …I still contend that there needs to be some kind of measuring ,like compared to whom and where…so lets talk first about the treatment of the pals. In the West Bank…I admit that they are treated poorly…Israel is taking land for their question..the Arab movement is under control…and security forces often disregard the feelings of the Arab population…in their desire to keep order…certainly they do not operate under.U.S.constitutional restraints…NOW WHY?…first of all as for the settlement and other Israeli construction..close in and in the Jordan valley…this land is in dispute…it was under Jordanian control which they lost in the 67 until there is some sort of peace all belongs to Israel…as for the less the admirable treatment of the West Bank Arabs…again until the population will decide to live in peace,and not attack Israelis with words,rocks,burning tires firebombs..monthly murders of stay Israelis.constant attempts at kidnapping,and the threats of suicide attacks…these security measures will be in place…yes..the very young..18-19yr old sometimes even maybe always are overly vigilant…look at the American TSA…how they search grandmas and children..that’s the price everybody pays for security from attack,which can come at any time and anywhere… for the Israeli citizens who are other then Jewish….they all have the exact same legal rights…to run for Knesset ..same schools..same medical care..the Druze and bedouins serve in the army..and also Christians…are the Arab citizens afforded the same economic opportunity s ..there is lots of room for improvement there…but neither are Ethiopian orthodox and many Sephardic Jews…it’s more of a class thing,,much like in England France and the U.S…also much of business advancement comes through army connections..which most Sunni Arabs do not participate…as far as gaza..that’s another story for another time…lastly the commentators and rabbi you mention …these folks are in the business of fighting for the Palestinian cause..there’s nothing wrong about that…of course they will paint the worse picture possible…they are propagandists..plain and simple..frankly there are many grains of truth in their writings…..Israel is not a perfect country..nor can or will be anytime soon..likely never…please try to understand my point…Israel is no worse then America,England,France,Russia or any place in the world that is under such pressure…I think a bit better then most…it’s not Denmark or Switzerland ..sure..but it’s a darn sight better the all the nations in the levant..that’s for certain…agin thank you for your courtesy

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