Israel demolishes Negev mosque as ethnic cleansing continues

Anticipating the arrival of Pope Francis in Tel Aviv (following his visit to the West Bank and Bethlehem), Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he would show the Pope how open and just Israel is as a nation. Then this little bit of news appeared in the Middle East Monitor. Mr. Netanyahu must think the Pope is an ignorant fool to believe such nonsense, especially from someone that is such an avid and chronic liar.  Click on the link to read:

Israel has a campaign to destroy all Bedouin homes, villages and mosques in order to “cleanse” the Negev with a flood of new Jewish settlements. The Jewish state condemns itself by doing this, yet goes blithely forward with its plans because no government has had the decency or the moral courage to face it down and say “Enough!”

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3 Responses to Israel demolishes Negev mosque as ethnic cleansing continues

  1. Jack bender says:

    That mosque pictured was in Angola,not not believe all the propaganda put out by the Arabs…Israel is trying to to give the bedouins a more structured care living conditions in new towns..and in doing so open up the Negev to development,and yes,Jewish settlement…while it may be hard at. First ,in time the bedouins will have healthier and more prosperous lives..this in no way will be like America,Canada and Australia did to their indigenous folks..the bedouins are Israeli citizens and serve in the army..their well being is important

    • gwpj says:

      Your proof that the mosque pictured was in Angola is . . .? I would appreciate a link to a source identifying it as such. The Middle East Monitor is a reliable source.

  2. Jack bender says:

    Good question…while the picture location is in question…I will try to find the Angola source…suffices to say that the picture was not pertinent to the Negev story,as they claim it was of a gaza mosque destroyed in 09…which is disingenuous…but the gist I’d likely true..the bedouins do need fair treatment,I just hope that they will come around and realize they will have better,healthier lives

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