Israel, Palestine and Denial: A response to “When will Netanyahu nail himself to the cross?”


In a recent edition of The Japan Times (16 April, 2014), columnist Jeffrey Goldberg published an article about the peace process between Palestine and the Jewish State of Israel. In It he mentions Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He mentions sacrifices that may have to be made. But he never mentions the Palestinian people as any kind of a viable entity that has a right to exist.

“Many Israelis,” he writes, “have accepted the inevitability of some sort of Palestinian state coming into existence on the West Bank.” He then goes on to say in a very clear, impossible-to-misunderstand way, that “Many Palestinians have not yet come to realize that Israel has a right to exist in at least part of Palestine.” Oh, really? Who gave it to them? Then he closes that thought with this line: “It will take a bold leader to convince Palestinians of this.”

Like Mr. Netanyahu and his followers, Jeffrey Goldberg’s goal is a clear one: to see all of Palestine under Israeli control, with the Palestinian people corralled in tightly controlled ghettoes in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Within Israel itself, Palestinians are pushed around at will. The Bedouins of the Negev desert are denied building permits and have their homes and villages bulldozed. In the rest of Israel, it isn’t any better. Nowhere are Palestinian people treated like human beings. They are treated like vermin. What Jeffrey Goldberg refuses to see is that the nation that he loves and supports is a deeply and chronically abusive one. It has been this way from its inception. This is no longer news to anyone except, perhaps, to Jeffrey Goldberg who does not wish to hear or see it.

Abuse is born of contempt for those whom we see as “not like us” and being “in the way” of what we want. Contempt turns people into things that can done away with or shoved aside. The Nakba (the Disaster) fell on the Palestinian people in 1948. It has continued every day of month of every year since. For Jeffrey Goldberg to say nothing about what is going on speaks volumes about the level of his denial. In the end, denial ends by destroying those that posses it. Along the way, it destroys people unfortunate enough to live around the denier. That is what is happening, whether Jeffrey Goldberg wishes to admit it or not.

Mr. Goldberg represents himself as a credible witness but he is not, because he refuses to see reality. The founders of modern Israel had one goal and purpose in mind, to establish in Palestine a home for Jewish people, and for them alone. The evidence is everywhere, and it is grotesque and ugly.

Israel does not have a right to exist in part of Palestine. Palestinians, on the other hand, have every right to live in Palestine, including Israel itself, as it occupies part of historic Palestine. As for the “two-state solution,” who killed it? The Israelis did, by destroying the possibility for it. The only viable possibility now is a single state, one in which every citizen and resident is entitled to equal opportunity and equal rights, and all people are treated with respect. Without that, Israel will continue to resemble other abusive regimes, and the army that Israel calls “the most moral army in the world” will be recognized for what it has become, an army without morals at all. In the end, it will destroy itself. That’s what eventually happens to abusive systems and abusive people. I hope Jeffrey Goldberg wakes up before it is too late. But he may not.

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2 Responses to Israel, Palestine and Denial: A response to “When will Netanyahu nail himself to the cross?”

  1. Jack bender says:

    It’s all hog wash…pure propaganda…the Arabs have22 countries..none were ever called palestine Ever !..most of them showed up in Palestine after the twenty s there was 200 k population..140k Arabs..almost half Christian 60k Jews…there is no such thing as indigenous Arabs of Palestine…Palestine was a deserted pile of rocks and sand for hundreds of years..hardly anybody lived there …maybe some bedouins and a few thousand Jews and Arabs…it all came to head when the zionists started building a country in the twenty s ..Arabs from Lebanon Syria and a few other places moved in looking for work…,the Israel bashers are trying to change history

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